As summer begins to come to an end, my practice has seen a significant increase in patient visits.  Now, some of this may be that the weather is finally decent or that people want to get things taken care of before the school year starts....

Whatever the reason, it's been great to see such a variety of different cases come through my door.

That old saying, "Variety is the spice of life." holds true for me this week.  Due to HIPAA laws and patient confidentiality, I cannot give away too much information on each case.  A simple list of some of the diagnoses I have seen this week does not send-up any red flags, so we should be fine.  By the way, these are not the true medical diagnoses, I am giving you the more common/everyday phrases.

The reason I am sharing this list with you is to demonstrate the wide array of conditions I can ( and do) evaluate and treat (in just the past 5 days).  So here goes....

-patellofemoral syndrome
-rotator cuff tear
-post-surgical total hip replacement
-severe scoliosis
-spinal canal stenosis
-wrist arthritis
-lumbar spine disc bulge
-post-surgical discectomy

Why did I feel the need to share this?  Good question.  What I would really like to do (in case you have not figured this out yet) is to RE-DEFINE the chiropractic profession.  

Yes, this is a very lofty and difficult goal.  BUT it is something that I believe needs to be done.  Now, if you are a patient of mine, you already know that visits in my office are significantly different (and longer) than what most people are accustomed to in a typical chiropractic clinic.  (Feel free to share this post with someone that may not be a patient of mine.)

Re-Defining something like chiropractic care that has been around for years is no simple task, I get that.  However, we must start somewhere.  And I am choosing to start right in my office, by performing healthcare in my specialty as it should be performed.  I am not saying that everything I do is the best way to do it, but we must challenge the status quo and progress the profession.  

This blog post came on a whim...I literally looked at my schedule and thought "Wow, that's a lot of different conditions that I've been able to help."  So next time you think that a chiropractor can only help with spinal disorders, low back pain or headaches...

Think again...maybe you just are not talking to the right healthcare professional.

Continue to follow, read, comment, share throughout my future blog posts.

Be blessed!
-Anatomy Geek

Patients will always look to healthcare professionals for advice, especially regarding their pillows (or shoes or supplements or orthotics or braces or...).  This is a GOOD thing.  Although some of you may be concerned about burdening a healthcare professional with these questions/concerns, please feel free to bring a bag of pillows to my office any day.

A bag of pillows?  

Yes, a patient shows up at my office with a bag (something like a large dept store bag) filled with pillows, shoes and supplements.  This patient has a medical condition that requires them to find the perfect pillow, so I commend this person for "grilling" me on pillow selection.  The perfect pillow is difficult to find for many people, so hopefully this week's post will help you or someone you know.

This week's blog post is related to an article that I contributed to, regarding (you guessed it, pillows).  So click the link below and check out some tips on choosing your pillow.

And please, do not be afraid to show up at my office with a bag of pillows.  Just give me a heads up so I don't schedule 10 other "bag of pillows" patients.  :)

Be blessed!
-Anatomy Geek

This is a phrase I hear almost daily in my office and I'm sure many other clinicians do as well.

Now, if you're getting a negative connotation from that, please rethink this for a moment.  I'm not indicating that this is a bad thing to say to a doctor, but there IS difference between the SITE of the pain and the ORIGIN of the pain.

There are tons of great examples of pain in an area resulting from a distant structure undergoing injury or irritation.  Let's look at a few common conditions from the PATIENT'S PERSPECTIVE:

1.  Disc Herniations/Bulges/Degeneration
-pain in arms or legs
-pain in neck or low back
-numbness/tingling/muscle weakness
-limited movement due to pain

 For more info:

2. Trigger Points
-pain anywhere a muscle is located
-tender to touch (palpation in doctor terms)
-possible tingling/burning sensation in area away from pain

For more info:

3. Joint pain
-pain near joint (usually situated between other joints)
-commonly elbow and knee discomfort
-difficulty with certain movements, usually stressing the painful joint

For more info:

4. Shingles
-pain in a specific location on the body
-intense/excruciating pain
-difficulty with normal daily activities due to pain
-unaffected by many prescription pain medications

For more info:

Here's the BIG question: What do all of these conditions have in COMMON?

The SITE of pain is different from the actual ORIGIN of pain.  This means that although you may be experiencing pain near the outside of your elbow, the cause could be how you are moving your shoulder and/or wrist.  If you are experiencing pain related to varicella-zoster viral infection (aka shingles) your skin irritation and pain will follow dermatomal patterns.  Wherever the pain is, it is imperative to determine if it is originating from another source.

In my practice, I treat pain daily and therefore knowing that although someone may point to exactly where it hurts, a "can of worms" could have just opened.

Now...this does not mean that treating the SITE is not going to occur BUT treating the ORIGIN may be more beneficial for long term results.  

So next time you tell a doctor your  arm hurts and they start examining your neck, you know they are not crazy.

In order to actually have lasting results that accomplishes more than simply getting someone out of pain, the ORIGIN of the pain must be dealt with to limit or prevent future reoccurrences.

As a clinician, I need to sift through all of the information a patient gives me, as well as what I examine in order to determine if "X marks the spot".

Is the SITE of your pain actually the ORIGIN of your pain?  Food for thought.

Be Blessed!
-Anatomy Geek

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    Erik Korzen DC is a chiropractic physician and educator.  He is passionate about re-defining the chiropractic profession and is somewhat of an "Anatomy Geek".


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