During the first weekend of October I was able to attend the Illinois Chiropractic Society (ICS) convention in Naperville.  In addition to receiving some continuing education units (as mandated by our government) I was able to attend the General Member meeting and my District meeting.  

Why do you care what I was doing a few weekends ago?  Well, because I am LIVING LIFE ON MISSION.  My MISSION to to re-define the chiropractic profession, hence the "Progress the Profession" mantra.  This will inevitably effect you, either directly or indirectly.  What I mean is that either through you seeking care from a chiropractor, a friend/family member seeking care, through the general public perception of chiropractors or through governmental regulations of chiropractors, this can effect you.

I was given the opportunity to become more involved with the ICS organization just before the convention and was selected as one of the Vice Presidents (I know....sounds very official) for the Northern District of ICS.  

This means that although I am adding another responsibility, I am more closely involved with an organization that directly affects the chiropractic profession in this state.  

So stay tuned for updates on the chiropractic profession, I am hoping to make some real forward movement in the next few years.

Thanks for the support and continue to follow!

Be Blessed!
-Dr. K

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"Upper cervical chiropractors offer new hope to pain sufferers"  is the title of a Fox News Health article I recently contributed to.

The article focuses on a patient that had chronic pain and found immense benefits from seeking care from an "upper cervical chiropractor", a follower of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA).

I DO NOT follow NUCCA, so I cannot speak directly to their assessment/treatment methodologies.  However, the reason I contributed to this article is because I approach patient care from a medical perspective.  I look at patients through the same lens as your MD/DO would, we rule-out Red Flags (or scary conditions for those of you not in healthcare) and treat with the most supported evidence-based options, conservative care initially preferred to more invasive techniques.

The upper cervical adjustments that many chiropractors perform are generally safe.  Unfortunately, if a chiropractor (or any clinician performing manipulations) does not perform a thorough history and physical exam, some Red Flags may be missed.  This is where my perspective fit into the article.

So please, read the ENTIRE ARTICLE.  This article was seen by many of my colleagues and the overall consensus was this: IT IS GREAT TO SEE POSITIVE MEDIA ON THE CHIROPRACTIC PROFESSION BUT WE ARE GLAD DR. KORZEN KEPT THINGS GROUNDED IN REALITY.

Here is another link to the article, enjoy!

Be Blessed!
-Dr. K


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    Erik Korzen DC is a chiropractic physician and educator.  He is passionate about re-defining the chiropractic profession and is somewhat of an "Anatomy Geek".


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