If you're reading this blog post, you have stumbled into a world of fascinating topics.  I intend to post weekly on this blog, whether it is an interesting case in my office, human anatomy or physiology topics or clinically relevant ideas.

So to start, let's just get into my background.  In order to understand where I'm going, you need to know where I came from.  

From the time of grade school I always wanted to be a doctor.  Once college-time came I decided to enroll at Bradley University as a Health Science major.  Now, at that time, most of my fellow colleagues were interested in pursuing a physical therapy degree.  After observing and working in various clinics, I was fascinated with the idea of helping people feel better daily.  Unfortunately, the physical therapy world is dictated by physician scripts with little autonomy.  Then, my wife recommended observing a chiropractor to see if that would be an option instead of medical school.  I have since observed chiros that are great and some that are not so much.  After graduating from Bradley I enrolled in the Doctor of Chiropractic program at National University of Health Sciences (NUHS).

Throughout my education I have been focused on understanding the basic concepts that apply to the more complex real-world situations.  With that emphasis, I was able to secure a position as the Assistant Anatomy Fellow and eventually the Anatomy Fellow at NUHS.  In this position I maintained a human cadaver lab, functioned as a teaching assistant in all human anatomy courses and assisted the faculty with various tasks, including dissections.  

Fast forward a few years and I became obsessed (well, that may be a little excessive) with physical exam procedures and appropriate diagnosis of patients.  With this is mind, I developed a basic checklist for physical medicine practitioners (which will be the topic of a future blog post) and eventually graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree.  After practicing for about 1 year, I became adjunct faculty at NUHS, teaching (you guessed it) Human Anatomy.  After approximately 1 year as adjunct faculty at NUHS I became adjunct faculty at Wheaton College, where I taught a freshman biology course and Human Physiology.

Whoa...finally we are now in the present.  Check out the "About" page on my website to view my bio.  

The 30 second elevator speech: "My practice focus is conservative physical medicine and pain management using a very evidence-based approach.  I perform chiropractic manipulations, rehabilitation, acupuncture and kinesiotape.  I use a medical approach in evaluating patients, from a detailed history to a thorough physical exam as well as imaging/lab review.  Also, I know my limits and will definitely refer patients to other providers when I recognize that a condition is beyond my expertise."

Hopefully you feel more at home now.  I look forward to sharing all things evidence-based, clinical and of course kind of dorky with you.

Be blessed!
-Anatomy Geek


06/01/2015 12:09am

can't wait to learn boss! keep up the dork Doc! <3


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    Erik Korzen DC is a chiropractic physician and educator.  He is passionate about re-defining the chiropractic profession and is somewhat of an "Anatomy Geek".


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