Patients will always look to healthcare professionals for advice, especially regarding their pillows (or shoes or supplements or orthotics or braces or...).  This is a GOOD thing.  Although some of you may be concerned about burdening a healthcare professional with these questions/concerns, please feel free to bring a bag of pillows to my office any day.

A bag of pillows?  

Yes, a patient shows up at my office with a bag (something like a large dept store bag) filled with pillows, shoes and supplements.  This patient has a medical condition that requires them to find the perfect pillow, so I commend this person for "grilling" me on pillow selection.  The perfect pillow is difficult to find for many people, so hopefully this week's post will help you or someone you know.

This week's blog post is related to an article that I contributed to, regarding (you guessed it, pillows).  So click the link below and check out some tips on choosing your pillow.


And please, do not be afraid to show up at my office with a bag of pillows.  Just give me a heads up so I don't schedule 10 other "bag of pillows" patients.  :)

Be blessed!
-Anatomy Geek



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