The Surviving Healthcare podcast is a compilation of podcast interviews with the focus of shedding light on the broken healthcare system in this country.  After talking with Andrew (the host) a couple months ago about the chiropractic field, we decided to conduct a recorded interview.

Even though Andrew clearly has a background in healthcare and is exposed to a wide array of topics through his own podcast, much of the chiropractic field is a mystery.  I think this is the case for a lot of other medical providers (your PCP, orthopedist, neurologist, pediatrician, OB/Gyn, etc...) as well as potential patients. 

So what do we do?

We start by spreading the word to the masses.  This means exposing as many people to this paradigm shift as possible.

Tell others about this podcast interview or this blog.  NOT to increase referrals to my practice BUT to benefit the entire group of chiropractors that practice evidence-based care. (like some colleagues found through the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance)

Changing the face of chiropractic is by no means an easy process.

In future posts, I may get into the details of what re-defining this profession specifically looks like.  Stricter entrance standards?  YES!  Entrance exam similar to MCAT?  YES! Quality Residency programs?  YES!  

There will people that disagree with me, even in my own profession.  Unfortunately, in order to progress we must ruffle some feathers.  Nothing ground breaking has ever occurred, no large social shifts or mindset changes, without challenging the status quo.  

Come along for the ride!

Click the link above for my podcast interview to learn more.  Below are the links if you want to copy/paste to someone as well.  You can also find this interview via iTunes under Surviving Healthcare.



Be blessed!
-Anatomy Geek



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    Erik Korzen DC is a chiropractic physician and educator.  He is passionate about re-defining the chiropractic profession and is somewhat of an "Anatomy Geek".


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