I recently saw a patient that felt unsure, confused, lost and perplexed by a medical decision.  Essentially, the decision this patient has to make is to have shoulder surgery or not.  Taking all of your own health history into account, you ask yourself, SHOULD I GET SURGERY OR NOT?

Between medical specialists, imaging reports, surgical consults and the world wide web....the decision-making process can be rather troublesome.  So how do you (as a patient) account for all of these differing viewpoints and make a reasonable decision?

This patient I'm using as an example is not the first (and will not be the last) that I will encounter in a predicament such as this...

What we need in our healthcare system is SOMEONE to put all the pieces together, sit down, take the time and explain things in simple terms.  Years ago, this SOMEONE would have been your family (or primary care) doctor.  And typically, this doctor would have a good overview of your entire health history and would have the time to discuss options regarding a treatment such as this shoulder surgery.  

Unfortunately, our current healthcare system lacks the human-ness of the doctor-patient relationship, leaving MANY PATIENTS FEELING LOST.  

So if you find yourself feeling LOST regarding a medical decision, my biggest recommendation is to consult as many properly trained providers as possible.  AND try to find a doctor that can truly connect with you and understand your needs and concerns.  

Don't feel lost...reach out to a trusted healthcare provider.

Be Blessed!
-Dr. K



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    Erik Korzen DC is a chiropractic physician and educator.  He is passionate about re-defining the chiropractic profession and is somewhat of an "Anatomy Geek".


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