Recently, I met with a colleague who informed me of a rather unimpressive appointment with a surgeon that resulted in seeking a second opinion.  As the research on other qualified surgeons began, one with an appealing section on their website titled "4 questions to ask your doctor" caught her attention.

Ordinarily I would not have given this a second thought.  But, something about the excitement in her voice and the light in her eyes forced me to re-consider.  

I then made my mind alternate between 2 viewpoints, the doctor's and the patient's.  

From the patient's perspective, why is a list of "4 questions to ask your doctor" so enticing?  What makes this different from other websites she had seen?  Why did she decide to stop searching and schedule an appointment with this doctor?

From the doctor's perspective, why is a list of "4 questions to ask your doctor" so enticing?  (I know, same question as before, just from a different character's view)  What would make me decide to post this on my site?  Why would a patient stop searching and decide to schedule an appointment with me?

As we continued discussing my colleague's medical options, it became extremely apparent that what she was seeking was a connection.  She wanted to feel that she could connect with this surgeon, rather than just simply agreeing to a procedure because the doctor had experience and determined it was necessary.  Although this surgeon did have past experience, it was this doctor's ability to remain real and humble that sparked my colleagues interest.

In medicine, as well as life, I think we all seek connections.  The ability to connect with another person is an inherent trait we all possess. (this can occur on many different levels)

Look at how social media allows us to connect with others all over the globe (you can even quantify how many people you've connected with).  Look at how 2 friends meet over breakfast.  Look at how a father and son play a game together.  

It's all about connections, the HUMAN-NESS of our lives.
After thinking about this situation from the doctor and patient standpoint, it is apparent that we yearn to connect with others.  Even if the other is standing at the OR table while we are under anesthesia....

So, let's get to the:

4 Questions to Ask Your Chiropractor

1. How do adjustments work?  
2.What will my first visit look like?
3. Are you willing to co-manage with another clinician?
4. What are the risks/benefits/alternatives to your treatment?

Next time you interact with a chiropractor or another healthcare professional, think about asking similar questions.  You already know the WHY.

My colleague's appointment with this doctor was not a disappointment; there was a connection, a human-ness to the interaction.

Be Blessed!
-Dr. K


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