In the first week of the new year, I wanted to contribute to the whirlwind of New Years resolution articles on the web.

As we begin 2016, everyone will be discussing their goals for this year.  Whether these are the always popular "I'm losing weight." goal OR the "I want to learn a new language this year." goal OR the "I'm giving up caffeine and alcohol." goal, there is that little voice in our minds telling us how unrealistic our goals are.

(I'm borrowing that from my church's recent sermon series, but I know they won't mind)

FEAR NOT.  If you are truly determined to lose weight or learn a new language or give up a vice, then DO IT.  But, do it properly.

"What do you mean by that?", you ask.  This is what I mean:

Set realistic goals, research appropriate benchmarks and methods that others may have employed, find a support person/group to lift you up when you're feeling down, document short-term goals that are progressing you towards your overall goal.  

Most important of all...FEAR NOT.  Do not let setbacks become permanent roadblocks to your end goal.  If you stumble, learn from it and continuing moving forward; always with your goal in focus.

Stay FOCUSED.  Stay POSITIVE.  Stay HUNGRY. (for your goal, not food if you are looking to lose weight)  These tips are just a few things I've learned along the way and I hope they provide some support on your journey into 2016.

Another important idea for this whole "New Year, New You" trend is that some of you may not have a ground-breaking goal for this year.  Many of us tend to have less dramatic, less evident goals for our lives.  

Maybe your goal is to just walk your dog 3 times per day instead of once.  Maybe your goal is to have 1 cup of coffee per day instead of 4 cups.  Maybe your goal is to run a 5k once per month.  Whatever your goal, BIG or SMALL, utilize support tools and FEAR NOT.

(By the way, although this is based-off of a Christian concept -- ALL of us can rally around this idea of 'Fear Not' to better ourselves, regardless of beliefs)


Be Blessed!
-Dr. K


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