My wife and I were blessed with a daughter last week, hence my absence from the blog.  Lydia is the name of my beautiful baby girl and here is a picture (she's adorable, so get over it).  This week's blog post actually originates from our birthing experience with Lydia.

The chaos of childbirth can be rather daunting, regardless if you have experienced it firsthand before or not, there is an anxiety that swells as the labor progresses.  The room itself seems to change as everyone involved begins to move a little faster and talk a little quicker.   After my wife delivered our daughter and both were deemed healthy, the chaos settled.  The delivery room staff reduced from 7 to only 1, the elevated emotions from ourselves and the staff were gone...the peaceful moments that followed were unforgettable.  Myself, my wife and our newborn daughter all embracing the amazing experience that just unfolded (Lydia was part of this regardless if she knew it).

Once we were transitioned from the labor and delivery room into the post-partum room, the mood seemed to change again as my wife and I were watching Lydia sleep peacefully.  We began to replay some of the moments throughout labor and delivery, recalling things that were said and actions of the staff.

For this birth, we decided to utilize a midwife.  Yes, I said it...a midwife.  No we did not deliver in a bath tub with rags, as so many people have associated midwifery with barbaric practices I just had to clarify that.  We delivered in a hospital with a midwife which was an incredible experience, the natural birthing experience with the safety of a hospital setting as a precaution.

Ok, so back to my wife and I in the post-partum room recalling the labor and delivery process...  One of the comments my wife had was "It wasn't about the doctor.  It was about me.  That was a great feeling and different than our first child's birth."  As we continued to discuss the whole experience, it hit me!  Please don't get upset when I say this:


I know most healthcare organizations claim to be in existence for patients, but rarely does this notion actually get put into action.  Then I asked myself an introspective question, "Do MY patients feel as though their time with me is about them, or about me?"  After all, the foundation of my practice is 'getting back to the basics', which means focusing on the patient.  I have created a simplified, no-nonsense, patient-centered practice that provides high-quality and individualized care for patients in pain.

MY CONCLUSION: The vast majority of my patients feel as though I do provide care that is about them, not me.

Listen, no one is perfect.  I am sure there have been patient visits that the opposite has occurred but I constantly remind myself why I opened this practice...FOR THE PATIENTS.  Patients in pain deserve to be heard, they deserve an appropriate exam and they deserve truth regarding their condition.  Patients in pain do NOT deserve to be sold a treatment plan, they do NOT deserve a patient-mill experience and they do NOT deserve a monetary basis for care.

If you or someone you know is in pain, please pass along my contact information.  Advise them to call me, I will gladly provide a free phone consultation.  I can help many people in pain, others I cannot.  But how will we ever know if you don't talk to me?  The difference in my practice and many others is that I am willing to admit when someone is beyond my scope.  Because it is about the patient, NOT about monetary gain.  Amazing things can happen when we turn healthcare back to the basics.  

My sincere gratitude goes to the midwife and medical staff that provided such unbelievable care and compassion to us through the entire labor and delivery process.  As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Be Blessed!
-Dr. K


Janet Korzen
03/25/2016 2:05pm

I work in the supply department in a hospital. On a daily basis I take calls from nurses saying Dr "insert name" needs this. I say to them what do you need for the PATIENT. I work for the patient. Dropping some doctor's name means nothing to me. PATIENT care first is what I tell my staff.

Pam Sullivan
03/25/2016 2:29pm

Beautiful blog!!! And so happy for you guys!

Debbie stille
03/25/2016 4:10pm

Eric, you have help many that I know of and even me until it became a medically needed process. I have always believed it was about the person. I think your help is definitely patient orientated. Congratulations on your new daughter she is beautiful!

Barbara Knott
04/08/2016 3:11pm

Dr. Eric, you take such good care of your patients. I am extremely grateful. I come to you at the last minute with pain and you have always managed to squeeze me in or take me right away. I appreciate you and all the things you do. I am so glad to have met you and not only are you my Dr., I also consider you my friend. Thank you !!!!


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