Non Prescription Pain Relief Pills


Whether you suffer from long term and debilitating pain or short term pain that requires rapid relief, you have probably tried all sorts of medications and pills to solve your problems. So what if you are one of those people who are not able to easily digest prescription strength drugs? Some of the drugs these days are so incredibly powerful they can cause side effects both in the long and the short term.

So for those of us who do not want to take a pill that does solve the pain but also knocks us unconscious, what can we do?

The herbal solution

Many people do not know this but one of the most common and powerful drugs available (and has been for decades) is penicillin, and it is a natural herbal product. It was found by extracting fungus. This is an amazing fact but one that should not be forgotten. Some of the best drugs or herbal pills are actually the best remedies instead of chemical based pills or creams.

Fake pills and low medicinal content

Of course once you get into the market of herbal medicine you also run into tons of frauds and products which are marketed as miracle cures but contain very little active ingredient. If you’re considering a pain pill of some kind you want it to be STRONG. So spend some time doing research to find the best kind of pill on the market. Through research we have been able to suggest Provailen. That doesn’t mean it is the cure-all or the right product for you though – but it’s a decent start.

Pill popping

Yes we all want the easy solution but no one wants to take 30 pills a day. So make sure to take something that only requires 2 pain relief pills per day maximum. It’s more convenient to remember when to take them and then you’re not sitting there eating pills all day at work and at home.

Don’t settle

Don’t just take what the doctor gives you. Especially when you’re groggy at work or home as a result and unable to perform at your peak. Prescription drugs can dull the pain but they also completely take our edge off and could in some cases be what a zombie feels like.