TestoFuel Review


I’ve been trying to work out for the past couple of years. I was quite skinny to start with. As you see, I got a little bit of weight but I’m not so skinny anymore. But my problem was building muscle.

I’ve tried loads of things, protein powder, and it just got me fat. It got me bloated and so I’ve been doing it for two years on and off and going to the gym, doing a few weights, not really pushing myself hard enough I suppose.

I got really bang into it probably about three months ago, something like that. I started using this Testo

Fuel and these are just like herbal tablets.  Now I found these on the internet so I take them and they’re supposed to naturally boost your testosterone. So rather than getting some protein powder bloating me up, I have them 3 times a day. You might try these. They’re only small. Take them. Hopefully they have the same effect.

Well I started using them and they’re actually awesome. I started taking them and I didn’t really feel some effects for a few days but like I said it’s supposed to increase your testosterone.

I started noticing it probably about a week later when I was at the gym. I had a lot more energy in the morning, which I roll out of bed late, so that’s when I start noticing it.

I was at the gym and I don’t know, I just had that extra boost. I mean I was pushing probably 40 kilos then on the bench press and I used to do about sets of ten maybe and then by the end of it, after about three sets, get down to about five. It just helped me push through it a little bit more. I actually got three sets of ten and then obviously went down after that.

I’ve built some muscle from it as you can tell from the side here. I still need to start cutting a bit but that has been 11, 12 weeks I’ve been taking this for now.

I will for sure definitely recommend using them. If you are looking to build muscle, protein shakes, they’re OK and stuff, but they’re a little bit of a thing in the past. You know yourself if you’ve had them. They don’t always work and they bloat you out as well.

You should take three times a day with a glass of water. Maybe one more before the gym and if you feel like it, just give you that little extra boost. I mean that’s what worked for me. So check it out.